Jakeer Hussain Shaik

I am Jakeer Hussain Shaik, a devoted Child Rights Activist and the founder of the Child Chapter Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against child abuse. Being passionate about safeguarding the rights of children, I decided to take an innovative route through the power of stories and comics to enlighten the young minds about the dark realm of child abuse.

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The story behind the establishment of the Child Chapter Association

Inspiration is a powerful motivator.

Often, the greatest accomplishments are inspired by stories of profound pain, struggle and injustice. The birth of the Child Chapter Association is one such example. This is a story of one man's decision to challenge a system that failed to protect a young, innocent life, and to create an environment that promotes a safe and happy childhood for every child.

Inspiration Story

This is Jakeer Hussain Shaik, As I think back to that fateful day, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a seemingly ordinary day with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Little did I know that something utterly tragic was about to transpire.

I was out on a walk when a horrifying sight met my eyes. A little girl, only ten years old, leaped from the fifth floor of a building, attempting to end her own life. I ran to her aid but her condition was critical. Her head was gruesomely damaged, a river of red spilled around her lifeless body, but it was her eyes that I could never forget.

She was bleeding heavily and life was rapidly leaving her body. With wide fearful eyes, she looked at me for a fleeting moment before succumbing to her severe injuries. Those innocent eyes filled with unspeakable terror continue to haunt me to this day. It was clear that something had driven her to take such an extreme step. I was overwhelmed with a multitude of emotions as I tried to understand why such a young life had ended in such a tragic manner.

Within the folds of her blood-stained school dress, I discovered a note. It was her suicide note. The contents of that note filled me with a sense of dread and sorrow, the depths of which I had never experienced before.

In her poignant words, she mentioned an uncle living in Block E who had been causing her great pain. She feared him so much that she chose to end her life rather than confide in her parents.

This hit me hard and I felt my heart break. Such a small, innocent child bore the burden of a horrible secret so enormous that she felt suicide was the only escape.

This little girl was so terrified of the perpetrator that she did not even dare to name him in her note, fearing harm would come to her parents. And Postmortem reveals little girl was repeatedly sexually abused.

That's when I decided that I would fight to make sure no other child suffers the same fate. It became my mission to combat child abuse and equip children with knowledge on how to recognize and respond to abusive situations. The aim is to instill courage and resilience in these little hearts and empower them to report abuse to trusted people, eradicating fear from their minds.

With this aim, I established Child Chapter Association, an NGO fighting relentlessly against child abuse. We utilize engaging mediums like comics to educate children about abuse and how to protect themselves. We strive tirelessly to make childhood safe and enjoyable, exactly the way it is supposed to be.

Life sometimes presents us with incidents that have the power to change our lives. This heartbreaking experience turned me into a crusader against child abuse, determined to make a difference and safeguard every child's innocence and happiness.

Child Chapter Association

What sets the Child Chapter Association apart from other NGOs is the unique methodology of communicating a grave issue in a language that children comprehend best – visuals and storytelling.

Understanding that knowledge is power, I have channeled my efforts into the creation of these informative comics, designed to teach children crucial life lessons.

Our comics and stories are created to educate children about their private body parts, distinguishing between good touch and bad touch, defending themselves against abuse, breaking their silence, and speaking up in abuse situations. They also teach children how to report incidents to trusted individuals.

Recognizing the crucial need for this knowledge to reach every child, regardless of their socio-economic background, we've ensured that these digital materials are available for free on our Child Chapter website.

For children who do not have access to the internet, particularly those studying in government schools, we've taken a step further and produced printed versions of these comics and stories. These books are distributed free of cost to govt schools, ensuring that lack of resources does not prevent any child from learning to protect themselves.

I fervently believe that knowledge is power. The aim of our materials is not merely educational, but also empowerment-oriented, instilling bravery in the hearts of children to resist abuse. My ultimate goal is to eradicate child abuse from its roots.

I am convinced that education about child abuse can empower children to speak up, raising their voices until would-be abusers no longer dare to touch them.

My commitment extends beyond education - I believe in and aim for a world where every child can have a safe and happy childhood. Through our digital comic comic content and printed comic storybook, 'Raise Your Voice', we wish to instill in children the courage to voice their truth.

My mission is to eradicate child abuse from the root, I strongly believe that educating children is the key. Once children have the courage to raise their voice and share their experiences, potential abusers will hesitate before engaging in abusive behaviour.

As I continue on my journey as a Child Rights Activist, my objective remains simple – to ensure every child enjoys a safe and happy childhood. Our efforts at the Child Chapter Association are unrelenting and focused on transforming this objective into reality. After all, today's children are tomorrow's future and we must strive to make this future a safe one.